Saturday, March 03, 2007


hey all. No topic just blog. exam just finished today. IT wasn't as hard as expected. l0l. but the science 2 students suffered their accounts exam. kakaka. Science 1 students finish everything and still got so much time to sleep. What? l0l. This exam I think can get good results cause first test. Next exam sure K.O.

Band Band Band Camp next holidays for 5days?!?! Juniors 2days seniors 3 days. Commitees 5 days. T.T . I am the secretary so need to type letters. Something that I don't really enjoy but I enjoy copying letters from my brother's band letters since 2004. l0l. Just change the dates and it's done. l0l. camp need to skip tuitions. Chamzzz. Jeffery good luck as the chairman and Navin also ya. kaka. BRyan good luck in collecting fees.

I love to settle problems. I hate problems.

God says that everyone must be helpful. Especially the rich. Bless and care for the poor. Do not keep all to yourself. God did not grant you with so much wealth for nothing. He can take it from you anytime He wishes too for the is the King Of KIngs.

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