Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bye Bye!!!

One week of CNY brings me great and memorable memories. Staying up till 6am with my cousin aka best buddy Wilson. Eating Maggi Mee in the morning only go to sleep. Play computer till morning. Haizz. Everything is over now. Everything just happened too fast. They went home already in JB. Watch all the episodes of Nobody's Watching. Laughing all out. The only person I could really enjoy with and share feelings and stuffs. Staying up eating keropok. No one on earth could just. Parting is just too hard to accept. I don't see cousins or relatives at this age having such close bonds. But Me n Him. We are just united. Someday we shall be doing more fun stuffs. No mood to do anything now. Felt like crying when I was in church also. SIgh!

Thinking of going back to school for exams and tuition makes me start off my stress again. Sigh! But going for band practices are fun now.

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