Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

This is the time I've been always looking forward to. CHinese New Year. The best time you can have with your relatives. Haha. Tonight gonna DotA like mad. Maybe till 4am? l0l.
Wilson coming back. So gonna have two computers dotaing tonight. Full team tonight. Later don't know can DotA with brother's friends or not. Never played with them before.

School was so boring today. Nothing to do also and thanks to one classmate I've got 3 essays to write from English teacher. !!!!!. Today dentist came to our school to teach us about our teeth. How to keep it clean and stuffs. l0l. I've been brushing my teeth for 16 years!!! But I only brush once a day. The dentist said must brush twice. I know but lazy. Haha. NVM. She say must go to the dentist for checkup once in two years. Isn't it suppose to be twice in a year? l0l.

Band is always running in my mind with troubles. Chee Ken. Mana you? He is getting sacking? Go la. I don't care d. Since I gave you so many chances you think you are so great. Go and leave. Should we go for cadence 05 or jammin jelly. It's hard now coz my section is left with juniors. Sienzz man.

Nokia 3250 is still working great for me. I love it. Enjoying it day and night. Unlimited sms storage. Syoknya.

Hey people. If you read my blog please chat also le. Very bored =.=" Post some messages up in the chatbox le. Talk crap also can.Haha

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