Saturday, February 10, 2007

School's Busyness

So Nokia 3250 is great. Nice speakers with audio settings, a 4 side camera ( front,back,left,right)
Enjoying it. Really very nice. Now I have to wait till Chinese New Year and wait for my cousin to come back and teach me how to install Firmware and other games into it. Haha.

School nowadays got lots of homework. I wonder why suddenly there are so much homeworks. Teachers in Form 4 like the students to copy stuffs. My pen die easily. So now have to change to Ball-point pen for copying notes, questions and essays. IT class is just so boring. Again we do nothing but to copy notes. SO BORING!!!!! Exam coming right after Chinese New Year. Those school Administrators brainless? Homeworks on holidays and after Chinese New year exam. How are we suppose to have fun?

Band time. Started training and practicing the percussion solo for this year's competition. So, I am carrying out the snare this year. Quite challenging also huh.

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