Monday, March 30, 2009

Nearer Days

I thought I just updated my blog, but when I see the calendar, today is the sixth day after I update. Normally I update 5 days once. Haha. What have I done this week that time passed so fast. Well, I can say there was one thing I did which was very memorable. Kekeke. Only a couple of my blog readers would know what it is. Let's keep it in my secret box till someday I tell you guys ya. Hang on, don't be too curious. Curiousity KILLS~!!

Still waiting for the day I would be "migrating" to Penang. Nah, I treat penang like my hometown cause I always travel there for holidays. Haha. My mum knows it well I suppose. So still waiting and will be going in a month's time. Will start to enjoy my studying life again. Studying?? Nah, let's put it as, I will start enjoying being in a community of friends again. Keke.

My mum bought a new phone. It was the model I wanted actually. Nokia 5800XM. The model that I see has the most resonable price for its functions comepared to all other phones. Hehe. At least I can play with it. Quite sensitive touch screen phone. AND it has very good music quality. Very very good. Aikz, how I wish it was mine. LOL.

Getting indulged in Russell Peters again. For more, go for and search for Russell Peters. Best Asian comedian EVER~!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hehe, I purposely name this title that way because I don't know what to put in. Just wanna update my bloggie with some happenings during this past one week and updates bout me and my surroundings.

Let's start with my future studies. I will be moving to Bukit Jambul, Penang on early May to further my studies. I will be doing Electrical & Electronic Engineering in INTI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE PENANG. They have 2 other campuses in Nilai and Subang but I choose to go to Penang because I am more familiar with Penang as I always go there. Keke. SO, I will be completing my Diploma and Degree program there. 2.5 years for Diploma and another 2 years for Degree. You may ask, why so short duration for degree? Actually this is a UK degree which is not recognized by the Board Of Engineering in Malaysia. After I graduate, I will still have to take another 2 papers ONLY IF I wish to work in government sectors. If not, there is no need for it. I will be going INTI PENANG with one close friend of mine, Navin. He will be doing business administration. Nice to have a mate there we could accompany each other. Moreover, Navin is gonna drive there. That is just great~!! This is all bout my future studies, let's get back to some other stuffs.

Wilson is back to Johor. I am lonely again. Ivan will be starting school tomorrow in ITP. BUT Wilson is still on holidays until the 20th of April. So, for the meantime, I will be spending my time with him via the net provided he is not busy with his *ahem*. Heheh.

I forgot to mention on my previous post that I've got a new member to the family. Her name is Labby because she was name after her breed. She is a Labrador. Big dog next time and a good gurad dog. Got her back couple of weeks ago. She is kinda of a lazy puppy now. All she does now is to eat and sleep and sit most of the time. She doesn't move unless we play with her. Haha. Anyway, she is a very good and obedient one. ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post No.200???

This is my No.200 post guys and girls. I didn't know I had so many posts already in this blog. This is my longest surviving blog(3 Years) and I don't wanna let it die. Although I ahve nothing to update but I will still think of something to say. LOL.

My cousin(Wilson) is back to Ipoh for holidays since last week and has extended his holidays here for one more week until this coming Sunday. Time spent with this cousin and buddy of mine are the best times. Since childhood we were very close buddies and until this age of me being 18 and him being 19, we are grown ups and we are still that close, if not closer. I love mixing around with my cousins basically because we never get into arguements. What we get are only joy and happiness. We still have fun together but of course we are no longer having fun like when we were little kids. We have more " NO FOLLOWING RULES JUST ENJOY" type of enjoyment. Haha. You know when birds have wings they start to learn to fly. But of course I don't fly =.=" I DRIVE~!

There is one thing I love to do these days and I really enjoy doing. Nope~! It's not having fun with my cousins, but these days, I really enjoy bathing, cold shower. Really cooling and really suitable for such weather these days. Haha.

---------SIGNING OFF----------

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This morning I woke up at 9.20 in the morning feeling very tired because the night before, Wilson and I slept at 4am. So this morning I woke up, took a shower, got myself ready and drove to school. Upon reaching, I saw Navin so I had a little chat with him and waited together with him for the results. At that moment, my heart was still at normal. then somebody said results will be out at 12pm, then I was like ".....". It only made things worse. But then at 10.30, the hall was open and students went in to get their results. All went in except for me and Navin. We stood outside and waited. My heart was beating gradually faster at that moment. Then we went in after 10 minutes. I lined up in my class waiting for my turn and I was nervous that time. Then I received a message from my brother. Philippians 1:6 And I am certain that God who began the good work within you will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. After reading that, I felt more calm as I know God has planned my results for me. Then it was my turn, I took the results paper and my first impression was like I can't smile. Then I went out and see that paper again and counted. O right, this is better. Haha. Cause the first grade I saw was Biology, my weakest subject. Then I looked at it overall. It's not too bad. Although there is one more subject which I was very confident on did not seem to score then well. HISTORY it was. But nevermind, it's over. So, whatever it was, all I can say is, God is amazing, He really do things for you without you knowing it. Let me tell you how I spent my life in form 4 and 5. I go to school every morning, I come home, I have a long nap and I go for tuition, I go home and watch tv. That's all I do everyday. My mum and sis knows well bout that. Haha. So, I didn't actually study before until 2 months before SPM. So whatever I got today, is really God's work. Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Flies

I wonder how time passed so fast these days. It has been only like a while for me and 5 days actually passed by. What has happened during the past few days? I don't really know what I did. What highlighted the time during the past few days was the band camp. It has been a long time since the last time I went for band camps. But this time I only stayed over for one night. It was the first time experience sleeping in the lecture theatre and it is really bad. Although we had air cond., but the experience was bad. Throughout the whole night the most I slept was like only 2 hours most. With the mosquitoes there and nothing to lay on. Anyhow, I didn't really do much in the camp. Just help out with anything I can cause I did not know anything bout the formation until yesterday. I've never studied the formation until yesterday and things in band kinda change a little here and there. Since I've been away from band for so long, I gotta adapt myself back into the current situation. Whatever it is, there is one thing that did not change since the first day I joined the band and will never change which is the feel of brotherhood in the band and I think this feeling will never change for life as I always tell myself, Once A Band Member, Always A Band Member. No matter how much grudge I had last time towards particular people in the band, they are still my friends and brothers in band.

SPM Results will be out this Thursday. I hope I get what I aim for or if not, just let it be. Judgement Day, this result determines where I would go after this. Take Care Everyone~!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life's Great

Yesterday, my cousin(Ivan) and I went down to KL ourselves by KTM. We took the KTM because it was cheap, but the journey by KTM is very long. It's about 1 hour++ longer than taking the bus. This is because the train moves at a slower speed on the track and it's path is longer than the normal highways. So we took a 3 and a half hours ride on the train to KL. Once we reached there, we went down the train, took an escalator up and there we were in KL SENTRAL. So we were in KL SENTRAL walking round and round that center wondering what to do cause I haave 2 friends waiting in Time Square for lunch. So, we called my another cousin up, (Ivan's Brother,Edwin), we called him up and he offered to come and bring us to the MRT station. He bought us a one way ticket and we were on our own again. So, we took the MRT to Jalan Imbi, came down from the MRT and wollaa we were in Time Square. Then my friend sms-ed me and told me that they are in Lowyat Plaza. So we all met up in lowyat and went for lunch in one place called K.T.Z, which I don't really know the full name of it. Anyway, lunch was taken there.

After lunch, Ivan, my friends and I were walking around time square. Now to get in there, I can feel that Ipoh's shopping malls are tiny. But my friends only stayed for one hour. Haha, they had urgent calls to go home, so we took some pictures as MEMORIES and farewell, there they went off. Aisehh, by the way, theie names are Melody and Li ying.

After that, Ivan and I crossed back to Lowyat Plaza which is just directly opposite. We walked round and round that plaza like repeating rounds and rounds on each floor. Few rounds per floor. It's just so big we can't finish looking. And I can say, they things they have there are superb. How we wish we could get our hands on those stuffs and bring them home with us. Haha. One day when we start to earn money, those things will be ours!!!! l0l.

We walked and walked until 5 something and our legs were getting tired, we took a sit for bout half and hour AND THEN, we walked back to time square to wait for Edwin. He came around 6.30 and took us for dinner in Papa John's Pizza. Ever heard of 'em? I dare say it was a very filling and delicious dinner. 12 slices of pizza and 12 pieces of bread sticks as big as hot dogs, even fatter for the 3 of us only. Wait till when Wilson joins us. Hehe. After dinner we went for a walk in time square. Visited the Sony center and wanted to play with the playstation 3 but there was a kid playing non-stop. lol. There we spent walking for another 2 hours then we went back to KL SENTRAL to board the KTM back to Ipoh. Thanks to Edwin for his meals and his guidance.

At this point of time, I realise I have very great cousins. Few years ago, I don't really spend time with my cousins on my father's side. But started last year since after SPM, we cousins came together and very much bonded together. I do feel very happy with my cousins and I feel they are the people whom I can mix with the best. Especially the members of the team. Kekeke....