Monday, March 30, 2009

Nearer Days

I thought I just updated my blog, but when I see the calendar, today is the sixth day after I update. Normally I update 5 days once. Haha. What have I done this week that time passed so fast. Well, I can say there was one thing I did which was very memorable. Kekeke. Only a couple of my blog readers would know what it is. Let's keep it in my secret box till someday I tell you guys ya. Hang on, don't be too curious. Curiousity KILLS~!!

Still waiting for the day I would be "migrating" to Penang. Nah, I treat penang like my hometown cause I always travel there for holidays. Haha. My mum knows it well I suppose. So still waiting and will be going in a month's time. Will start to enjoy my studying life again. Studying?? Nah, let's put it as, I will start enjoying being in a community of friends again. Keke.

My mum bought a new phone. It was the model I wanted actually. Nokia 5800XM. The model that I see has the most resonable price for its functions comepared to all other phones. Hehe. At least I can play with it. Quite sensitive touch screen phone. AND it has very good music quality. Very very good. Aikz, how I wish it was mine. LOL.

Getting indulged in Russell Peters again. For more, go for and search for Russell Peters. Best Asian comedian EVER~!!!

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