Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post No.200???

This is my No.200 post guys and girls. I didn't know I had so many posts already in this blog. This is my longest surviving blog(3 Years) and I don't wanna let it die. Although I ahve nothing to update but I will still think of something to say. LOL.

My cousin(Wilson) is back to Ipoh for holidays since last week and has extended his holidays here for one more week until this coming Sunday. Time spent with this cousin and buddy of mine are the best times. Since childhood we were very close buddies and until this age of me being 18 and him being 19, we are grown ups and we are still that close, if not closer. I love mixing around with my cousins basically because we never get into arguements. What we get are only joy and happiness. We still have fun together but of course we are no longer having fun like when we were little kids. We have more " NO FOLLOWING RULES JUST ENJOY" type of enjoyment. Haha. You know when birds have wings they start to learn to fly. But of course I don't fly =.=" I DRIVE~!

There is one thing I love to do these days and I really enjoy doing. Nope~! It's not having fun with my cousins, but these days, I really enjoy bathing, cold shower. Really cooling and really suitable for such weather these days. Haha.

---------SIGNING OFF----------

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kenwooi.com said...

wow 200th!!?
great! =)
i wonder when i'll reach 200th..lol