Saturday, September 22, 2007

9 days left

Right 9 days left till End Year Exams. Preparing very hard already. Revise my biology. Can't afford to fail that subject again. And add maths. Pray hard. No use studying so hard without blessings from God. Emm. I am stuck in chapter 9 (Differentiation) but nevermind. With my brother's help online teaching me. Sure OK one. Haha.

Why is school life nowadays so bored? Is it because of the teachers? Just dropped my IT subject yesterday. From now on I am officially out from IT subject. One subject less makes my spm certificate maximum 10 subjects.

Why after so long I still got nothing to blog one? Oh right. I started to go to Harvest Time Sanctuary last sunday. A new church for me. Very fun there. The people are there are SO friendly and go good. Really feel like going there more often. Hehe. Stayed there that day from 8 - 3. So fun. I like the youth session. Finally a time where I could actually praise and worship with full feel. Hehe

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Exam Approaching

Time pass very quickly. It's the 2nd week after our 50th merdeka celebration. Hmmm. Let's see, I've been quite busy these pass two weeks till I don't even have the time to sign in my blog and update it. Haha. Well, School is as usual but I don't know what is making me so busy nowadays. Perhaps studying? Haha. Who knows whether I study or not. I love to hang out with my friends nowadays at the mamak stall opposite my school. Nice environment to chat and watch videos with a laptop only lacking of wireless internet connection. Haha. Nowadays really sms a lot. Haha. Something that can keep me awake most of the time. My last record was 27++ sms in 3 months if I am not mistaken. Have to check out my previous post. My current record is 24++ sms in 3 weeks. Haha. New record and I am gonna delete all the messages today because the amount of messages cause my phone not to have sms alert whenever a sms comes.

Oh yeah, 2 weeks ago my mum got a JVC camcorder during the merdeka sale at penang. Quite newly released one. Now I get to record videos of band competitions. Something I've been waiting to do. Haha.

Built a new website of my school band but not officially launched cause need to pass it up to teacher as IT project first then I can modify and update it and make it official.

Anyone heard bout budget 2008? I heard two stories. One saying that next year everything will be tax-free and each student will receive rm1000 as koko usage. Another is that no such thing as tax-free but free text books and school fees and the rm1000 is only for those whom parents' income is less than 1000. Haha most probably is the second one but I hope it's the first. LOL

Saturday, September 01, 2007

50th Merdeka Celebration

YEA!!!! MMB won 1st band and best drum major this year in parade. What a great achievement. I believe this achievement can bring glory to our school and something for our principal Mr.Phoon who has been supporting us all these while. Tis could also bring up the spirit of the members back again. I am so happy now to blog this. It's the first time ever MMB got first!!! MUACKS!!! MMB I LOVE YOU!!! I can feel that this achievement is really a good sign for MMB to start growing again and fight like before. Better than before. Term 07/08 will leave a great spot of history for the band. Now and Forever!!!