Thursday, September 13, 2007

Exam Approaching

Time pass very quickly. It's the 2nd week after our 50th merdeka celebration. Hmmm. Let's see, I've been quite busy these pass two weeks till I don't even have the time to sign in my blog and update it. Haha. Well, School is as usual but I don't know what is making me so busy nowadays. Perhaps studying? Haha. Who knows whether I study or not. I love to hang out with my friends nowadays at the mamak stall opposite my school. Nice environment to chat and watch videos with a laptop only lacking of wireless internet connection. Haha. Nowadays really sms a lot. Haha. Something that can keep me awake most of the time. My last record was 27++ sms in 3 months if I am not mistaken. Have to check out my previous post. My current record is 24++ sms in 3 weeks. Haha. New record and I am gonna delete all the messages today because the amount of messages cause my phone not to have sms alert whenever a sms comes.

Oh yeah, 2 weeks ago my mum got a JVC camcorder during the merdeka sale at penang. Quite newly released one. Now I get to record videos of band competitions. Something I've been waiting to do. Haha.

Built a new website of my school band but not officially launched cause need to pass it up to teacher as IT project first then I can modify and update it and make it official.

Anyone heard bout budget 2008? I heard two stories. One saying that next year everything will be tax-free and each student will receive rm1000 as koko usage. Another is that no such thing as tax-free but free text books and school fees and the rm1000 is only for those whom parents' income is less than 1000. Haha most probably is the second one but I hope it's the first. LOL

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