Friday, February 27, 2009

Lim Siang Guan & Co.

Today is my last day in Lim Siang Guan & Co. It has been a great time in that firm. The people there, my colleagues were all very nice people. After being there for a couple of weeks, I've learnt a lot and it definately had been a very valuable lesson to me. Knowing so many new friends from there is a really good thing. All of them are happy living people, they joke and laugh most of the time. They speak pure cantonese. Haha. So sometimes I can't catch up when they talk too fast. This is the first time getting salary, although it's not much but I think it is worth what I did there especially knowing new people, learning bout auditing work and to experience working life in an office. Someday when I graduate I will be doing the same again but of course not in the accountanting field.
I took many photos there and I am gonna post some of them up.

My working table... yeapz... no computer... ^^

My office, actually this is only one room. There is another room next door which is the audit department also. The accounts and tax department is downstairs. So is the secretarial department.

I drew all these and made them the wallpaper during my free time. LOL. Mind the drawing, it's just for fun, then my colleagues came in and modified some here and there. Haha

Well, that's all bout my working place. It has been great really. Special thanks to everyone who taught me and guided me during my time there.

Will be starting a website soon with my cousins. SO keep yourself hanging in my blog for more updates. Haha. Signing Off-----

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mess With Life

It is coming to the end of my second week working in my workplace. All I can say is that, work is getting tougher and tougher. Haha. Let me tell you something, last monday my friend Nicholas came to work with me in the same department, one day later he quitted the job. The problem with that job is, before this I really enjoyed it, but from this week onwards, things were so different. People like me who have never touch accounts in life are being asked to do auditing. Okey, auditing is much harder and much more work compared to accounting. If you study accounts you will know why. l0lx. At first I thought I was hired to do simple tasks like what I did last week. I did not expect that I am suppose to to what everyone in that department has to do. I have to do the same type of work. Zzz. I only have SPM qualifications, those people have at least LCCI or ACCA or DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING and I am to do the same stuffs as them. What is the point of studying if I can learn everything from here already. l0lx. Well, at least I won't be going into the accounting line I GUESS. I could treat this as ax experience and it may help in my future studies, but now, I am stress more than I use to when I was studying in form 5.

Let's not talk bout that already,lol. Ok, these days I have been getting emotional. Some people get emotional without reasons. Well, I can say I am a happy living teen and only one thing can make me emotional during my teen life. If you could guess it. It is my school band. I've been watching some band videos these days. I was finding for my 2008 dvd then I found out that ALOYSIUS took it. I WANT IT BACK~! l0l. Anyway, many things in this world doesn't get me that heated up or get me working hard but except for MICHAELIAN MILITARY BAND. Mostly it's because when I joined the band in 2004, I enjoyed band life too much as it was the band's most enjoyable year. Well, there is such long stories I can talk bout band. One whol page wouldn't be enough too. But I don't wanna get you guys sleeping in front of the computer. All I've gotta say now is. MMB, like it or not, HERE I COME~!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working Place

Today is the 4th day I work in my working place an accounting firm.I've learnt a lot this few days especially in auditing work. auditing is the biggest department in that companyand it's the main source of income to that company. There are good and bad things bout auditing. The good thing is you can relax and do but the bad thing is it's very boring cause you ahve to do the same things and procedures for every company but there are differences. The differences come when a company is either a private exempt company or or private non-exempt company. I believe accounting students do study this but I was not an accounting student. So things were hard for me at first but now I am getting use to it.

Working there has been a work out for me too. I have to walk up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day in average. This company is small but it has 2 stories, so it has to utilise every single space they have. The auditing department is up stairs but the files needed for auditing are all downstairs. The auditing department is even seperated into two rooms. When I need to photostat or print something, I will have to go to the other room. The printer there is very "good". Normally printing takes only 10 - 20 seconds. This printing machine takes minutes. Everytime I wanna audit another company, I have to go down and carry 4 big files. The good thing is, even how old that place was, at least it still has an air cond.

We are only allowed to have one hour lunch break which is from 1 - 2pm and lunch is the best time. Manny choices of food there but you will have to walk for 5 - 10 minutes depending on what type of food you want.^^

Saturday, February 07, 2009

So Long...

It has been a long time since the last time I update this blog. As in bout things I've been doing. Haha. Let's start from Chinese New Year towards the time I was about to go to Cyberjaya. It turned out then I did enter for the first intake. Due to many reasons. I'm now waiting for the second intake of other places and to apply with my SPM results. What to do for the mean time? For the mean time I am starting to work part time. I am working part time in an accounting firm. l0l. Knowing nothing bout accountancy, I got a job there in the auditing department. The boss says as long as I am willing to learn it would be alright. Although the pay would not be as high as working in shopping malls, but I love office work. People there will assign me jobs to be done. According to the boss, there will be times where I will ahve to stay back for Over Time(OT) due to the current season of closing accounts. Working mon - fri 8am - 5pm everyweek. So, that's it all bout my job.

Have you guys/girls heard of the chaos in Perak now? All the political chaos happening around here caused by a guy by the nickname of "Najis". I actually do not know much bout it but when my mum and brother get into it any my friend kept updating me, I got interested to know bout it. For those who do not know, Perak which is initially under the opposition government is being take over by BN. But the thing is, we perak-ians are not satisfied with such nuisance and many are protesting to this matter. As a result, chaos is happening in Perak. Indeed the ones doing the wrong and illegal moves are the BN side. But what to say? Money speaks louder than power. What I am waiting to see is for Karpal to finish his Thaipusam celebration and come over to Sue the Perak Sultan.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Missing Puppy

Has anyone seen my little jingle bell around Ipoh Garden and Canning Garden?
Reward will be given to those who found him..