Friday, February 27, 2009

Lim Siang Guan & Co.

Today is my last day in Lim Siang Guan & Co. It has been a great time in that firm. The people there, my colleagues were all very nice people. After being there for a couple of weeks, I've learnt a lot and it definately had been a very valuable lesson to me. Knowing so many new friends from there is a really good thing. All of them are happy living people, they joke and laugh most of the time. They speak pure cantonese. Haha. So sometimes I can't catch up when they talk too fast. This is the first time getting salary, although it's not much but I think it is worth what I did there especially knowing new people, learning bout auditing work and to experience working life in an office. Someday when I graduate I will be doing the same again but of course not in the accountanting field.
I took many photos there and I am gonna post some of them up.

My working table... yeapz... no computer... ^^

My office, actually this is only one room. There is another room next door which is the audit department also. The accounts and tax department is downstairs. So is the secretarial department.

I drew all these and made them the wallpaper during my free time. LOL. Mind the drawing, it's just for fun, then my colleagues came in and modified some here and there. Haha

Well, that's all bout my working place. It has been great really. Special thanks to everyone who taught me and guided me during my time there.

Will be starting a website soon with my cousins. SO keep yourself hanging in my blog for more updates. Haha. Signing Off-----

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