Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mess With Life

It is coming to the end of my second week working in my workplace. All I can say is that, work is getting tougher and tougher. Haha. Let me tell you something, last monday my friend Nicholas came to work with me in the same department, one day later he quitted the job. The problem with that job is, before this I really enjoyed it, but from this week onwards, things were so different. People like me who have never touch accounts in life are being asked to do auditing. Okey, auditing is much harder and much more work compared to accounting. If you study accounts you will know why. l0lx. At first I thought I was hired to do simple tasks like what I did last week. I did not expect that I am suppose to to what everyone in that department has to do. I have to do the same type of work. Zzz. I only have SPM qualifications, those people have at least LCCI or ACCA or DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING and I am to do the same stuffs as them. What is the point of studying if I can learn everything from here already. l0lx. Well, at least I won't be going into the accounting line I GUESS. I could treat this as ax experience and it may help in my future studies, but now, I am stress more than I use to when I was studying in form 5.

Let's not talk bout that already,lol. Ok, these days I have been getting emotional. Some people get emotional without reasons. Well, I can say I am a happy living teen and only one thing can make me emotional during my teen life. If you could guess it. It is my school band. I've been watching some band videos these days. I was finding for my 2008 dvd then I found out that ALOYSIUS took it. I WANT IT BACK~! l0l. Anyway, many things in this world doesn't get me that heated up or get me working hard but except for MICHAELIAN MILITARY BAND. Mostly it's because when I joined the band in 2004, I enjoyed band life too much as it was the band's most enjoyable year. Well, there is such long stories I can talk bout band. One whol page wouldn't be enough too. But I don't wanna get you guys sleeping in front of the computer. All I've gotta say now is. MMB, like it or not, HERE I COME~!!

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