Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Post No.50

Hi all. Time flies and post also fly. This is now my 50th post in my blog. Wow first time I'm surviving a blog up to 50 posts. Haha. Llet's begin with life in school again. School is still as normal as I always say. Boredness. l0l. My class teachers no one can crack jokes to make us stay awake except for physics. Best subject. Haha. So I have to learn mostly form tuitions. Nowadays prefect life I got no names to book(Write down) No offenders for me to write geh. Aih Aih.

Self-improvement. Physically and Mentally

Well. As written on the title. I am now in a period of self improvement in physically and mentally. Physically as in my looks and my appearance. I want to have a better appearance in facing people. Haha. Mentally as in my studies and my band life. I want to be more hardworking towards my studies and having more time for my bandsmen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ok, what is happening around here? Band parade on 6/5 then exams till bout 11/5. After that only we might start out band competition formation practices. Time is running out la. STBB started practices already and they are even using Sundays to practice. MMB this year is in such critical situations are taking things easy? what's next? Is band camp enough? I don't think so. MMB members out there. I really have passion to win. So are the seniors. Please give us some chance we are leaving the band very soon.

Ram prices just went back up. Great I missed my chance in getting one. from 100 to 150 now. Time to regret again. Got a new DVDburner yesterday. My first time fixing some hardwares into the cpu. Anyway, it has nothing to do with motherboard that's why it was so easy. Well, it's a good start anyway. Haha. Even if it is something to do with the motherboard I would still do it because better to try, fail and experience than to be curious bout what will happen this and that.

I want to do something with my music and IT. I felt that it's more worth doing something which I will give full attention, commitment and passion rather than wasting my time doing something I dislike with full unwillingness. I pray that God would answer my prayers

3 colours for 3 stories

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Or Bad ? ? ?

Haha. Blogging twice in two days is unpredictable. l0l. My first time blogging two times in 2 days. So all I gotta say is about prefect. Doing duty is quite fun after all. l0l. Job is easy to be done. Just follow the seniors around the duty places and learn from them. New tie. Can wear a different from the other students. Prefect tie. Haha. Now have to be "good" boy d in school, cannot play a fool. l0l
Using different colours for my blog. One for my Personal Life, other colours for other stuff.

Good Or Bad?

If you were given a choice to love someone who is pretty/handsome but you love him because of his looks or his fortune or compared to a nice person who is not that good looking? Which one will you choose? Teenagers nowadays often made the mistake of choosing the good looking ones no matter how bad their attitude are. If you like someone for their looks. Will is last? How long could his/her looks last for you compared to a person's real love towards you? Well, for me personally I choose both and preferably a less outgoing type if you understand what I mean. Haha.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life Is Back To Normal

Yeap. Life is back to normal now. No more band formations for now. Sad. Need to wait for few more weeks to start back formation practice but Cadence '07 is on the move. Hope to start it fast and finish it as soon as possible. Hehe. This saturday Band General Meeting. Have to prepare section report. l0l. Don't know when I will prepare it. Most probably on Friday.

Starting tomorrow I will be doing prefect duty already lu. Haha. Need to wear prefect tie d and have to act good boy like form 1. Hehe. Life is getting INTERESTING now. Kaka.

Got a new Digi number yesterday. Waited till today before it was activated but it will due tomorrow. l0l. So ahve to topup very soon. haha. Mum might get new camera during PC FAIR so I will have a personal camera for my own. 3MP only. Haha.

Next on I want to dream of a new Rig for myself. Haha. IT student. l0l.

AMD x2 4200+ = RM320
Corsair 512mb x 4 = RM420
Western D 80Gb = RM145
Asus M2VTVM = RM245
Colourful 7600GS = RM305

Total = RM1400+

But if I change the ram to KIngston and Graphic card to 7300GT, the price can still go down. Ge new PC now good le. Now processor and ram prices are dropping la. Haih

Friday, April 06, 2007

sports Day '07

Okie sports day is over now. Felt sick yesterday and a bit today. Maybe too much exposure to the 'eye of heaven' haha the SUN la. Very tired now. First time having sports day in stadium cause smi is under "roof renovation" .

MMB did great today. Brasses were ok. Percussion were ok. The full band were ok. Maybe due to the motivations and crying yesterday. I hope all members will change their attitude and discipline so that we can climb to higher ground although we are mostly consists of juniors. I know we can do it. It's a matter whether we want it or not.

Coming up next is building up MMB Cadence '07. Gonna start writing it down tomorrow and gonna start practicing it before a function next month. MMB can do it this year. Without problems.

Thanks. Bye.

By the way, I updated the song on the left side down. Takes only a little while to load. Be patient. Haha.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google Site Hacked!!!

Google engineer matt cutt blog hacked by black hat seos. His blog is replaced by 'Dark SEO Team' welcome message. Is this his play for april fool?


Have a look!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back To Updates

This week wasn't as busy as last week's camp. Just came back from PGS band concert. Ok la. They were much better than the current SMI standard. SMI band now very bad condition already. Cacated liao. No sound. Need to practice harder. Few days ago went under the sun now body very dark liao. How leh?

Now too late d la. I can't think back of what I did for the past few days. Oh yea. Class marching. Not to say bad but haven't complete yet. No time to finish it. Sports say is coming following thursday. So pandai pandai la 4SC1.

Just watched Mr Bean on holiday that day. It was funny and the story is quite short. MAybe because Rowan Atkinson don't speak much in his movies/shows. Worth watching and have a great laugh from it.

Night time really can't think la. ZzZzZz.

One more thing. Happy April Fools Day!!! Haha