Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Or Bad ? ? ?

Haha. Blogging twice in two days is unpredictable. l0l. My first time blogging two times in 2 days. So all I gotta say is about prefect. Doing duty is quite fun after all. l0l. Job is easy to be done. Just follow the seniors around the duty places and learn from them. New tie. Can wear a different from the other students. Prefect tie. Haha. Now have to be "good" boy d in school, cannot play a fool. l0l
Using different colours for my blog. One for my Personal Life, other colours for other stuff.

Good Or Bad?

If you were given a choice to love someone who is pretty/handsome but you love him because of his looks or his fortune or compared to a nice person who is not that good looking? Which one will you choose? Teenagers nowadays often made the mistake of choosing the good looking ones no matter how bad their attitude are. If you like someone for their looks. Will is last? How long could his/her looks last for you compared to a person's real love towards you? Well, for me personally I choose both and preferably a less outgoing type if you understand what I mean. Haha.

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