Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life Is Back To Normal

Yeap. Life is back to normal now. No more band formations for now. Sad. Need to wait for few more weeks to start back formation practice but Cadence '07 is on the move. Hope to start it fast and finish it as soon as possible. Hehe. This saturday Band General Meeting. Have to prepare section report. l0l. Don't know when I will prepare it. Most probably on Friday.

Starting tomorrow I will be doing prefect duty already lu. Haha. Need to wear prefect tie d and have to act good boy like form 1. Hehe. Life is getting INTERESTING now. Kaka.

Got a new Digi number yesterday. Waited till today before it was activated but it will due tomorrow. l0l. So ahve to topup very soon. haha. Mum might get new camera during PC FAIR so I will have a personal camera for my own. 3MP only. Haha.

Next on I want to dream of a new Rig for myself. Haha. IT student. l0l.

AMD x2 4200+ = RM320
Corsair 512mb x 4 = RM420
Western D 80Gb = RM145
Asus M2VTVM = RM245
Colourful 7600GS = RM305

Total = RM1400+

But if I change the ram to KIngston and Graphic card to 7300GT, the price can still go down. Ge new PC now good le. Now processor and ram prices are dropping la. Haih

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