Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ok, what is happening around here? Band parade on 6/5 then exams till bout 11/5. After that only we might start out band competition formation practices. Time is running out la. STBB started practices already and they are even using Sundays to practice. MMB this year is in such critical situations are taking things easy? what's next? Is band camp enough? I don't think so. MMB members out there. I really have passion to win. So are the seniors. Please give us some chance we are leaving the band very soon.

Ram prices just went back up. Great I missed my chance in getting one. from 100 to 150 now. Time to regret again. Got a new DVDburner yesterday. My first time fixing some hardwares into the cpu. Anyway, it has nothing to do with motherboard that's why it was so easy. Well, it's a good start anyway. Haha. Even if it is something to do with the motherboard I would still do it because better to try, fail and experience than to be curious bout what will happen this and that.

I want to do something with my music and IT. I felt that it's more worth doing something which I will give full attention, commitment and passion rather than wasting my time doing something I dislike with full unwillingness. I pray that God would answer my prayers

3 colours for 3 stories

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