Sunday, April 01, 2007

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This week wasn't as busy as last week's camp. Just came back from PGS band concert. Ok la. They were much better than the current SMI standard. SMI band now very bad condition already. Cacated liao. No sound. Need to practice harder. Few days ago went under the sun now body very dark liao. How leh?

Now too late d la. I can't think back of what I did for the past few days. Oh yea. Class marching. Not to say bad but haven't complete yet. No time to finish it. Sports say is coming following thursday. So pandai pandai la 4SC1.

Just watched Mr Bean on holiday that day. It was funny and the story is quite short. MAybe because Rowan Atkinson don't speak much in his movies/shows. Worth watching and have a great laugh from it.

Night time really can't think la. ZzZzZz.

One more thing. Happy April Fools Day!!! Haha

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