Friday, April 06, 2007

sports Day '07

Okie sports day is over now. Felt sick yesterday and a bit today. Maybe too much exposure to the 'eye of heaven' haha the SUN la. Very tired now. First time having sports day in stadium cause smi is under "roof renovation" .

MMB did great today. Brasses were ok. Percussion were ok. The full band were ok. Maybe due to the motivations and crying yesterday. I hope all members will change their attitude and discipline so that we can climb to higher ground although we are mostly consists of juniors. I know we can do it. It's a matter whether we want it or not.

Coming up next is building up MMB Cadence '07. Gonna start writing it down tomorrow and gonna start practicing it before a function next month. MMB can do it this year. Without problems.

Thanks. Bye.

By the way, I updated the song on the left side down. Takes only a little while to load. Be patient. Haha.

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