Friday, April 30, 2010

Semester Break

I am back in Ipoh today at 10.45am. I was so tired when I was in the bus that I slept the whole journey through. Huhu. So the 3 hours journey seemed fast. Haha. The bust stopped at Butterworth before it continue back to Penang, that's why it took so long. =D

I believe most of my friends now are starting to enjoy their holidays already. Both college friends and my ex school mates. Most of them are on holiday. Gotta catch up with my ex school mates soon before everyone goes back to where they should be. LoL. Let's start off by trying to catch them tonight in DotA or HoN. O0ps.. I just started to download HoN and a new patch for W3. Haha. I am a newbie in HoN. =P I am gonna make my friends feel disappointed tonight. Haha. Only if I see them in games.

For now, I ain't gonna think bout what's coming up for my results. I am just gonna enjoy ma holidays now. This sem has been long. The previous long semester was only 14 weeks including the exams, but now they extended it to 17 weeks that's why everything seemed more tiring. I am glad now everything is over and I can have my break. Hehe.

Should I go for PC fair this weekend? Should I buy myself a laptop cooler? Sometimes it seems quite useless unless you go for the good ones. Hmmm.. Actually I want a nice headphone =P But well, I never spent on PC parts before. I only spend on food and entertainment most of the time =P Other stuffs, I "korek" from my bro and mum.. Shhhh~~ >.<||

Haha, that's all for now. Wait till I enjoy my holidays then I shall tell you guys how it feels :D

Oh yea BTW... Happy Labour's Day tomorrow~~~!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Midnight Blogging

I am exhausted. It's 5am in the morning now I am blogging. Hehe, I just thought of blogging when I was bathing justnow after I realized that I haven't been updating since 10 days ago. That's too long cause my average is 5 days. Haha.

Ok ok, I have really been very busy for the past few weeks. Preparing for my final exams, finishing up my assignments and now I still have to stay up "Burning The Midnight Oil" to study. I just finished my Engineering Maths 3 this morning.. Oh wait wait!! Yesterday morning!! It's Sunday today. My next exam will be tomorrow from 8am - 10am. The subject I am most afraid of, EEE1103. The toughest core subject now. I wanna pass this subject, that's all I am asking for U_U.

I think I am putting on weight sitting down everynight to study and having maximum flatness on my ass. Haha. Uh ... I just finished revising. I am not saturated yet, I can still continue, perhaps after this post I will continue a little bit more before I go to bed. :)

I have been watching quite some comedies these days to charge myself up. All these exams and past asssignments are making me stressed up. At least after Monday, everything would be better. Wanna show you guys this video by Wong Cho Lam (My new current favourite comedian) . Haha

Enjoy, SAFE SEX!!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010


I feel stressed up as final exams are approaching. I feel time is not enough again!! It's time for me to fight for a 3 pointer in my CGPA again to maintain my scholarship. I feel tough even to maintain a 3 pointer. Everything seems hard. I screwed up Engineering Drawing in my coursework. Maths was ok. C++ hoping it to be great, my only hope. EEE - Speechless. Hardest core subject ever. It is easy to pass 50%, but to maintain my scholarship I gotta score a minimum of 65% for every single paper. Sounds easy? =.=" It's not!! For you maybe, but not for me. Especially E&E at Inti. Zzz.. I don't know why I can't have a semester where I don't have risky subjects. Like this semester, I love maths and C++ but why the engineering drawing?? Why must it help me risk my marks?? Without it I will feel much better. Can I drop it now?? U_U

I hope I could do well like in First Semester again. I feel so tired these two weeks, assignments and tests non-stop. There will be another assessment again this Saturday for my final assignment. Really wanna score in this assignment with my teammates.

After all these, I am gonna push myself to the limits to study again. I wanna score well for my maths and C++ to reduce the risk in my cgpa. Engineering Drawing, can somebody teach me?? I feel so hard to imagine the diagrams!! I can't imagine them well. I can draw it out, no problem, but I suck at imagining things. If I can think and imagine of the diagrams fast, I wouldn't be wasting so much time.

Any architects, civil engineers or graphic designers our there who is willing to teach me?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Alvin and The Chipmunks : The Squeakquel

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I remember when I was young, I love to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks cartoon movies on TV. My mum encouraged me to watch them because she thinks that I could learn a lot from them. Well, I learn to be cute, for one thing. lol... Seriously, I would also encourage the younger generation to watch this movie. They are real funny little creatures, so adorable!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

We Are The Reason ...

As little children
We would dream of Christmas morn
Of all the gifts and toys
We knew we'd find
But we never realized
A baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

We were the reason
That He gave His life
We were the reason
That He suffered and died
To a world that was lost
He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

As the years went by
We learned more about gifts
The giving of ourselves
And what that means
On a dark and cloudy day
A man hung crying in the rain
All because of love, all because of love

I've finally found the reason for living
It's in giving every part of my heart to Him
In all that I do every word that I say
I'll be giving my all just for Him, for Him

He is my reason to live

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cereals Thanks to Giant

Yesterday afternoon I went to Giant with my friends after seeing so many promotions happening there. W wanted to buy cereals(Honeystars, KokoCrunch and Cornflakes) because all economy packs have discount, from RM12.99 to RM9.49 !o!

So we went there, got a few boxes and went to the counter to pay. Supposingly, with every purchase of KokoCrunch, they give us a free box of Milo Cereals(170g,normal size) worth RM5.99 per box. But something fun happened =D
This is what the free box of Milo Cereal that comes with my KokoCrunch.

Huh?? Another 2 boxes free?? Haha, the malay guys at the redemption counter saw our boxes of cereals from the top but he did not check out receipt, so he just gave us one free box for every box of cereal he sees from the top!! I bought my CornFlakes for RM4.99 but the free Milo Cereal is RM1.00 more expensive. Haha, how could the free gift be more expensive than the goods? LOL

I was suppose to walk home with these,

But instead, in total, this is what I got,

Let's calculate how much I paid for all those.
KokoCruch = RM9.49
HoneyStars = RM9.49
CornFlakes = RM4.99
Total = RM23.07
BUT with the 3 boxes of free Milo Cereals = 3xRM5.99 = RM17.97

LOL, Thanks to Giant, I will be having healthy cereal meals every time now!! Haha..

C++ Test 2 - Done
EEE Assignment 2 assessment and interview today done.. =D Had a very long sleep this afternoon, so will continue with some revisions tonight if I have the

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two Weeks Program

Upcoming activities for the next few days :-
Tomorrow - C++ Test 2
Saturday - Due date for EEE Assignment 2(Assessment and Intervew)
Following week:-
Tuesday - Lab Test
Wednesday - Engineerings Maths Test 2
Thursday - Engineering Drawing Test 2
Also, coming up will be Engineering Drawing final project(Autocad Drawing)

WOW~!! So much so do, so little time.. ZZzzz...

Oh by the way, Happy April Fools Day =D Fooled anyone yet?? Haha..