Thursday, April 15, 2010


I feel stressed up as final exams are approaching. I feel time is not enough again!! It's time for me to fight for a 3 pointer in my CGPA again to maintain my scholarship. I feel tough even to maintain a 3 pointer. Everything seems hard. I screwed up Engineering Drawing in my coursework. Maths was ok. C++ hoping it to be great, my only hope. EEE - Speechless. Hardest core subject ever. It is easy to pass 50%, but to maintain my scholarship I gotta score a minimum of 65% for every single paper. Sounds easy? =.=" It's not!! For you maybe, but not for me. Especially E&E at Inti. Zzz.. I don't know why I can't have a semester where I don't have risky subjects. Like this semester, I love maths and C++ but why the engineering drawing?? Why must it help me risk my marks?? Without it I will feel much better. Can I drop it now?? U_U

I hope I could do well like in First Semester again. I feel so tired these two weeks, assignments and tests non-stop. There will be another assessment again this Saturday for my final assignment. Really wanna score in this assignment with my teammates.

After all these, I am gonna push myself to the limits to study again. I wanna score well for my maths and C++ to reduce the risk in my cgpa. Engineering Drawing, can somebody teach me?? I feel so hard to imagine the diagrams!! I can't imagine them well. I can draw it out, no problem, but I suck at imagining things. If I can think and imagine of the diagrams fast, I wouldn't be wasting so much time.

Any architects, civil engineers or graphic designers our there who is willing to teach me?