Friday, April 30, 2010

Semester Break

I am back in Ipoh today at 10.45am. I was so tired when I was in the bus that I slept the whole journey through. Huhu. So the 3 hours journey seemed fast. Haha. The bust stopped at Butterworth before it continue back to Penang, that's why it took so long. =D

I believe most of my friends now are starting to enjoy their holidays already. Both college friends and my ex school mates. Most of them are on holiday. Gotta catch up with my ex school mates soon before everyone goes back to where they should be. LoL. Let's start off by trying to catch them tonight in DotA or HoN. O0ps.. I just started to download HoN and a new patch for W3. Haha. I am a newbie in HoN. =P I am gonna make my friends feel disappointed tonight. Haha. Only if I see them in games.

For now, I ain't gonna think bout what's coming up for my results. I am just gonna enjoy ma holidays now. This sem has been long. The previous long semester was only 14 weeks including the exams, but now they extended it to 17 weeks that's why everything seemed more tiring. I am glad now everything is over and I can have my break. Hehe.

Should I go for PC fair this weekend? Should I buy myself a laptop cooler? Sometimes it seems quite useless unless you go for the good ones. Hmmm.. Actually I want a nice headphone =P But well, I never spent on PC parts before. I only spend on food and entertainment most of the time =P Other stuffs, I "korek" from my bro and mum.. Shhhh~~ >.<||

Haha, that's all for now. Wait till I enjoy my holidays then I shall tell you guys how it feels :D

Oh yea BTW... Happy Labour's Day tomorrow~~~!!!!!

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