Sunday, April 25, 2010

Midnight Blogging

I am exhausted. It's 5am in the morning now I am blogging. Hehe, I just thought of blogging when I was bathing justnow after I realized that I haven't been updating since 10 days ago. That's too long cause my average is 5 days. Haha.

Ok ok, I have really been very busy for the past few weeks. Preparing for my final exams, finishing up my assignments and now I still have to stay up "Burning The Midnight Oil" to study. I just finished my Engineering Maths 3 this morning.. Oh wait wait!! Yesterday morning!! It's Sunday today. My next exam will be tomorrow from 8am - 10am. The subject I am most afraid of, EEE1103. The toughest core subject now. I wanna pass this subject, that's all I am asking for U_U.

I think I am putting on weight sitting down everynight to study and having maximum flatness on my ass. Haha. Uh ... I just finished revising. I am not saturated yet, I can still continue, perhaps after this post I will continue a little bit more before I go to bed. :)

I have been watching quite some comedies these days to charge myself up. All these exams and past asssignments are making me stressed up. At least after Monday, everything would be better. Wanna show you guys this video by Wong Cho Lam (My new current favourite comedian) . Haha

Enjoy, SAFE SEX!!!


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