Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cereals Thanks to Giant

Yesterday afternoon I went to Giant with my friends after seeing so many promotions happening there. W wanted to buy cereals(Honeystars, KokoCrunch and Cornflakes) because all economy packs have discount, from RM12.99 to RM9.49 !o!

So we went there, got a few boxes and went to the counter to pay. Supposingly, with every purchase of KokoCrunch, they give us a free box of Milo Cereals(170g,normal size) worth RM5.99 per box. But something fun happened =D
This is what the free box of Milo Cereal that comes with my KokoCrunch.

Huh?? Another 2 boxes free?? Haha, the malay guys at the redemption counter saw our boxes of cereals from the top but he did not check out receipt, so he just gave us one free box for every box of cereal he sees from the top!! I bought my CornFlakes for RM4.99 but the free Milo Cereal is RM1.00 more expensive. Haha, how could the free gift be more expensive than the goods? LOL

I was suppose to walk home with these,

But instead, in total, this is what I got,

Let's calculate how much I paid for all those.
KokoCruch = RM9.49
HoneyStars = RM9.49
CornFlakes = RM4.99
Total = RM23.07
BUT with the 3 boxes of free Milo Cereals = 3xRM5.99 = RM17.97

LOL, Thanks to Giant, I will be having healthy cereal meals every time now!! Haha..

C++ Test 2 - Done
EEE Assignment 2 assessment and interview today done.. =D Had a very long sleep this afternoon, so will continue with some revisions tonight if I have the


reanaclaire said... profit! healthy breakfast then.. i dont hv to worry.. God's blessings.. :)

To Glorify Him said...

wah, so many a..hehe..y didnt u tell the promoter?? u gonna eat all up?

andy lai said...

Haha yea,, gonna eat all up.. eat until next time sure scare to eat already.. haha

Laimay said...

how much did Giant pay you to promote their goods? LOL

Andy Lai said...

With their 3 boxes of Milo Cereals.. LoL