Saturday, May 08, 2010


I obviously have no title to title out AGAIN. Hehe. But it has been one week through my holidays. I have one more week left for me to enjoy. Results are coming out soon too. =(

What have I been doing for the past one week? Since my last post was last friday. Okey, I didn't do anything much this week. I didn't meet her much. I spent most of my time Dota-ing with my friends and cousins. Every single night tilll midnight till early morning. Hehe. Well well, that's my gaming life. Although I don't play much games (only DotA) but still I enjoy it cause I play it with the right people. Haha. Hummmm....

What else? I have been driving a lot AGAIN, to fetch my sister back from school, to tuitions, back from tuitions. Sometimes my cousin too. I have to fetch her to school and back from tuition. But her mum treated me movies =D That's for a return for waking up early in the morning purposely to fetch her to school. Haha. Wanted to go for Ironman2 last night with that "Free Ticket" but unfortunately the tickets were out of sale. So, will be going for movies with my family tomorrow night when my bro comes back for study break.

So good eh, my bro's study break can come back to watch movies and enjoy, but i spent one whole one week of study break at hostel boiling midnight oil U_U . He is much smarter that's for sure =D

A new burger king is Opening in Ipoh AGAIN. USed to have one in Greentown long long time ago but now it's Re-Opening opposite Jusco. The Courts Mammoth there moved to my housing area already. Haha. I don't have pictures with me because I just got to know that day when I was fetching my sister for tuition. Huhu.. Gonna wait for it to open. It has been a long time since I last tasted Burger King's food and I don'd remember at all how it tasted like. When will Ipoh have Subway, Dominos, Nando's, Chillies, Svensens, Sakae and all those? LoL . All we usually see is McD =.="


SonnyKazu said...

Alor Setar got only Donuts! :D

To Glorify Him said...

haha, nt smart la wei..come back see good of me..then must go back suffer d..haha