Friday, March 23, 2007

Happening Week

This week has been so busy and lots of things happened. Firstly was my prefect interview. I don't know how it went but I hope I pass the interview. The head prefect was the strict one. The teachers are the cool ones. Haha.

Secondly was that a real big bomb just hit my life. Nothing seems to last forever I guess. What a great surprise and impact. Please do not ask me what was it cause I am not gonna tell.

Thirdly, tomorrow camp again in LA SALLE centre again.l0l. just finished band camp there, tomorrow going back there for camp again. Leadership Convention Camp. Only 10 are selected from out school and I guess I was the lucky one. Haha. Joshua and I. At least someone to accompany me. Hehe. Camp till Sunday. Hope that it's fun and I will get to know more people there. :P

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