Thursday, June 25, 2009

Past 5 Days

I try to update my blog as frequent as possible at an average of once every 5 days. And my past 5 days was very fun, so that drove me into updating my blog now. At first I was very lazy to update so I took a nap, then justnow when I woke up, I decided to update since I am lucky enough to use the internet connection now.

SOOO... Let's start of with past Saturday. My mum came to Penang and brought me out for lunch in Queensbay. We went to Wong Kok Restaurant for lunch. At first wanted to go for Dragon-i but it was too expensive. So we went to Wong Kok instead. After that, my mum and I spent quality time together in the mall walking around. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time I am hanging out with my mum^^. Then we stopped by at Mango. not the fruit, the boutique. My mum kept questioning whether she should get the outfits. SO, this was what I told her, "Both your sons are in uni/college, this is the time when you start enjoying yourself" Haha. So she bought 2 of 'em. Then she ask me, "Do you wanna get one?" I got what she was trying to say but then I replied " I don't wear this type of clothes". Haha

NEXT DAY, Sunday. This was the night where my friends and I went to BJ MALL and got ourselves a 4 in 1 Stephen Chow DVD. As Monday's class starts at 12pm. So we decided that on every Sunday night we should enjoy movies till midnight. So, we watched all 4 movies in a night while cracking peanuts and from now on that will be out Sunday Fellowship Time. LOL

Monday was the next day. It was my first time going to Gurney Drive after being here for 2 months. I've been there many times already during my school holidays with my family. Almost every year but then it was far from my place. On Monday our class starts at 12 and ends at 1. So after class we went for lunch, sent a reference book for photostating then we drove to Gurney. None of us knows exactly where is it and how to get there. So roughly roughly we bang in here and there and we ended up in Gurney Plaza. Haha. Another nice day to hang out with friends without any early plannings. All of a sudden went there. Weather was good that day, but we had no time to walk along the sidewalk.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Today, nothing much. SO, I am going for dinner now.

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reanaclaire said...

wow..sounds like fun now... really enjoying college life, right? this is the time that is the most enjoyable while studying too... once u all are out working, life will be very much different.. once u and yr frens can click, it will be very memorable... *envy* hehehee..