Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Over!!

It's over. Everything has come to an end. I can't believe this would happen. Sigh~ I'm sorry buy MY SEMESTER IS GOING TO END SOON!! Woohoo~ All my assignments, tests, reports, presentations are all over! What's left now is my final exams 2 weeks away. 0ops, did I just say 2 weeks? >.<

What's gonna happen for the next 2 weeks is that, I will start to be a nerd again @.@ It happens to me. This transformation only happens during the last 2 weeks of the semester. Haha. As usual, I just hope I could do well to maintain my scholarship. I don't put much hope on myself as I know the final outcomes are all from God. All I have to do is just work hard, and yea, God will do the rest for me :)

Let's not talk about studies. Let's move on. I haven't been doing anything much lately for the past few weeks. Only rushing for reports and assignments as usual. I went for MMB Farewell that day. Seems like as year passes by, the amount of seniors going back to band are getting lesser. I wonder why. Is it because they weren't told about it?

I was really looking forward to meeting most of the seniors back again the other night, but seems like the eldest alumni there were only my batch. Even my batch only 3 of us turned up. But can't blame, I believe everyone are in college/universities. Haha. Anyway, it was still fun to meet up some of the juniors again. Especially the playful ones, can never resist the things they do that makes me laugh. Haha. But I am getting lost among the juniors, the younger generations. I am too old already, although I only graduated from secondary school 2 years ago. Haha. Well, as long as the old ones remain :D

Okeyz! That's all for now. I'm signing off (but I'm still on msn and facebook) ;)

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reanaclaire said...

All the best to your studies, WeWit!!