Monday, November 29, 2010

Long Holidays 2010

It's time of the year again where I have my long holidays. But this will be the shortest holidays I ever have throughout my 19 years of life, because even last year my college I had 2 months break but this year I only have 1 month. Haha. But I think it's enough.

I have one more year to go for Diploma = 3 semesters = 10 more subjects to go. Woo~ Can't wait to finish diploma and specialize in something that I really love in Degree. Hehe.

Will be going to Korea on the 8th of December. Yes, Korea is having war now and I'm going there to lead the warfare. I don't know why but they need me there. I guess they need a capable commander like me :P I will try to make peace there. LoL. No la, I wanna go there for a holiday and hopefully to shop for some stuffs. Samsung is from Korea, so hopefully I can grab some cheaper Samsung products there.
Have anyone watched 3Idiots? If you haven't, go to Youtube and search for 3Idiots. If you feel lazy to do so, just click on this link >>>>3 Idiots : Part 1
There are 16 parts altogether. It's a mixture of tamil and english movie. Don't worry subtitles are there and I'm sure everyone will understand it. It's not an old movie, for those who haven't watched it before, go ahead and watch it. It's worth watching.

My grandmother just passed away past Saturday. Rest In Peace Grandma, and have fun meeting up with Grandpa and be with God for eternity.

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Merryn said...

Have a safe trip to Korea and don't forget to bring back loads of SamSeng goodies :P