Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think I do posts like this very often when I am in Penang. I think its getting bored :D But I have no happenings around me in Penang. I have but not much. =.= My course takes most of my time here. Classes are almost taking up my days from morning till evening everyday. What more when assignments and tests come in? Haha. All I have left are Saturdas and Sundays and revisions are needed to be done =.="

From last will until the next 2 weeks, I will be all up for Assignments and Tests. But, one thing different for this semester compared to the previous semester is that,I don't have such tough assignments anymore. That doesn't mean my assignment is gonna be easy. It's still challenging. Haha. Every semester, our lecturers give us the chance to learn new components by making us build different circuits and projects. Well, actually. I kinda like it :D except for the times when I had to stay awake through the nights to figure out the problems and finalizing the reports.

Things get to bored these days with so much work. I go to youtube more often for, as usual, comedies. Haha. I shared quite a few of Rowan Atkinson's videos with you all in my previous post the other day. And now I have more of others. :D

If this is how you will perform in your interview next time, I believe you will get a higher pay :P

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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reanaclaire said...

Hope you will sail through smoothly, son.. God Bless