Thursday, September 09, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

As usual during every semester, there will be a time when everything gets stuffed up together and everyone gets busy with their own work. Well, the time has come, for the next 3 weeks, it will be the busiest weeks for this semester I think. All the Assignments and Tests land on the same weeks. I am ready for it after so many semesters of experiencing it =.=
Good thing this semester, there's no lecturer as strict as previous semesters, but there is just one lecturer that makes the whole class gets bored and sleepy. Nobody catches a thing he says but he is extremely efficient in giving out quizes. There will be at least one quiz in one week. AT LEAST! Meaning there could be more. How could a lecturer give out quizes if the students understand nothing from what he teaches. LoL. He talks to himself in the class. Pity him. Haha

By the way, I am back in Ipoh again now. I only have one week of holidays. How I wish I had 2 weeks. Haha, then it would be like having a sem break. LoL. I look at my holidays timeline, I feel it's so short =.= It doesn't seem like a holiday. I don't even get a holiday on "1 Malaysia" day. *sigh*

I got this video from facebook today. This is what happens when people don't study well and act smart. >.<>

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