Friday, September 03, 2010


Hello everybody, how's everyone doing? I've been lazy in updating my blog again for the past 2 weeks. I was on a 5 days holiday before this from Last Friday till this past Tuesday. I came back to Penang 2 days back on Wednesday, Today is Friday and I will be back in Ipoh again on the coming Tuesday night. Haha. Well, I know most of you are having your holidays already especially those from schools and local uni's. So sad INTI did not give us 2 weeks of holidays :@ Argh!! One thing good about local uni's is that, they have holidays whenever there are school holidays , INTI boh holiday!!!

I just finished my week 5 today, will be proceeding to week 6 next week and there are 17 weeks in this semester, meaning I am always half way there. Almost only. LoL. A lot of holidays these few weeks, but once I reach october, there wont be much holidays already. Sob sob.

It's time to start my assignments already. 2 Major assignments these semester. Firstly, the most interesting one, to built a rechargable lamp. Not really rechargable cause we will be simulating the charging part, but I like this assignment more than the other one. The other one is to convert a bicycle into a motorcycle =.=" Something to do with motors. Well, just got this assignment online today and no explanations from the lecturer yet. Hehe.

I was watching Moonlight Resonance at home the other day, cause my sister was watching it again. So I joined in and watched a bit here and there. I forgot most of it but I couldn't finish the last few episodes and I was curious to know the ending cause obviously this is a pretty nice drama. So I came back here to Penang to get the last few episodes from my friend. Finished them, deleted, satisfied :D

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