Friday, November 28, 2008

Suppose To Be

today is the last day of SPM. It is suppose to be a very happy day for me. Turned out it's the worse day instead of the happiest day. First thing, I went late for class party. Need to go to another guy's birthday party first then went to MP about 8 o clock. Reached there, eat hand out until 9 something went home. Others? Went CC. Now I am stuck at home bored and rot. Everyone went, except for me. How boring. Final day of SPM cannot even enjoy. Some of my friends are going off soon from Ipoh and I still can't hang out with them. Zzz. My life is great. All I am to do is to stay at home watch tv and play the computer. Going out may turn me into a gangster or some rubbish out there. The best thing is to stay at home eat junk food and hang in front of the tv with my hp. My teenage life is miserable. Or shall I say, I don't even experience teenage life. It's all over, I am growing up leaving teenage life behind. I don't even get to feel teenage life. Life is so unfair to me. *Sigh*

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