Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Week.... No Stress...

This week has been the week i study most in my life in form 4 and 5. I studied most this week. Haha. did not go to school on tuesday and thursday. Went on wednesday and today but there is nothing much to do except for revising in school with friends. I guess this time I am ready for both my maths and physics. That's if I don't forget anything when the paper comes on the last week. Good thing tuition is doing a lot of revision. A paper a day keeps the memory in play. Haha. Many form 5s now are aiming like above 60 for all subjects so that they can have high hopes on As for SPM as SPM's marking scheme is surely lower than trials and the papers are easier. For me. it's different~! I aim differently. Haha. I will write it down here if my plan succeeds.

I still remember during my PMR year, I started to study my history from the beginning only in mid August during the holidays. I scored only 1A for PMR trials and 6 for PMR. Haha. Throughout that year I only spent my time studying from mid Qugust until the first week of october. Now? Haha. We will see what comes out. Normally when people say they do not study but you know they do, THEY LIE~!!! When Andy says he did not study, HE DOESN'T~!!! Haha, you can always ask my mum what I do at home. Eat, Sleep, Watch tv or videos online and ONLINE. That's all I've been doing for the past 8 months. Some guy said I enjoy life. Yea, I do!

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