Saturday, October 04, 2008

Holidays Mania

hehe. Hows holidays everyone? My holidays are great cause my cousin is back here in Ipoh. Enjoyed a lot chatting with him, playing with him and sleeping late these few nights. Tonight will a very fun night. We are gonna order MCD midnight. Haha. He asked me to SG next year to future my studies. Of course I would love to do so butta there are financial problems regarding that matter. Studying cost is not the problem but the problems goes to the living cost.

Just finished watching moonlight resonance yesterday. Hehe. I watch from DVDs cause I don't have astro on demand and I am too lazy to buffer it from the internet. So I watch everything from the DVDs. I started watching on the last day of the broadcast of moonlight resonance episode 40, I was at episode 1. Hehe. That was during trials. I watched that show all the while during trials until yesterday. Very nice show. Mixed emotions in different part of the show. Some funny parts, some angry parts, some touching parts. Haha. I like it the Carl starts to joke and also the parts when they argue and the HO MA settles everything with all her points and facts and can even shut the lawyer's mouth. Haha. I like heart of greed last year. This year, it would be moonlight resonance. Hopefully there is part 3 next year. Haha. The director is one great director to figure out all the plots and suspens in the movie.

I got my new handphone already few days ago on wednesday. K810i. Very nice phone. I like its cybershot and its xenon flash. It can make moving objects steady. Very nice and very satisfying. ACtually I wanted to get k850i(the phone Raymond Lam used in moonlight resonance) but it was over my budget so too bad. Throughout my life, I've been using quite a number of phones. Let's see if I can dig out everything and list it down. Ahem~ Let's start wiht
- Motorola (Very bulky Model)/Alcatel(STD 5)
- Nokia 3210 (STD 6)
- Nokia 3610 (STD 6 after UPSR Results)
- Nokia 3250/ Sony Ericsson W710i ( Form 4)
- Nokia N80 IE (Form 5)
- Sony Ercisson K810i (Current)

SPM is coming very soon. SPM is round the corner now. Few days from now I will start to countdown for SPM. All the best to all SPM candidates 2008. Gambateh~!


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