Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Cherish Time~

SPM is really approaching in about 4 weeks time. I am getting close to SPM day by day as time passes. I've got a weird feeling these two days. I've got a feel that I've not done enough for SPM. It's like when SPM is over, I will feel something empty in me. Like there is no more responsibility in studies. And after that, I will feel like I did not do enough in my SPM. I have to cherish my time to study cause this will be my last month to study for SPM. After this one month, I would not have the chance to study for SPM anymore. I wont be studying SPM subjects anymore. Just like band. After the competition, there won't be anymore practices. No more playing the same songs anymore. O.o Life is weird. At one time we are waiting for all of it to finish and at another time we regret for not cherishing the time we had. That's why humans are never satisfied with what they have. no matter what they have, there will still be something for them to complain. In schools, I won't have the chance to study with the same classmates anymore. Tuitions too, I have 2 more weeks of tuitions to go and after this I won't be meeting the same teachers anymore. Life is slow moving when we are undergoing it but when we look back into the past we feel that time flew. ~Cherish Time~
Catching up with my chemistry these few days. The input is very slow because I am required to memorize a lot and my memorizing capacity is very low. Lower than anything in the world. I am a slow in memorizing. That somehow made me a forgetful person sometimes. Haha. Well, at least I am improving on chemical equations but I will still need to do more on equations. I can't find other equation questions anywhere else. 3 chapters to master (Electrochemistry, Acids and Bases, Salts). After mastering this, I will start my past year papers. ^^

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