Friday, October 24, 2008

Burning The Midnight Oil

These past few nights, I have been studying night mode as in studying at night until late nights. Studying all the way until 2 - 3am. That's the way I have to be because I can't concentrate in the afternoon. I've tried many times but I can never concentrate in the afternoon. Maybe it's because in the afternoon it's too hot causing me not to concentrate while at night it's so much cooler ^^. SO instead of sleeping at night, now I swap it into the afternoon. I take my nap in the afternoon and study at night.

I don't mind waking up feeling extremely tired because this whole week I've been doing nothing in school but to chase and hunt teachers all around the school. It was considered a good exercise to walk up and down the stairs and looking here and there. Why look for teachers? To fill up my koko stuffs and my leaving cert. Last night I slept bout 3 something and this morning I felt extremely tired I really had no energy to stand up but I still have to push myself to school to finish all those stuffs as today was the last day. I slept in the car all the way to school. Once reached I felt better cause there was people around. Haha. I wanted to come home early today to rest. We are allowed to leave early today because our school had koko day today but I did not have transport home. So I had to wait until 123.30 for my friend. Anyway, today was farewell day, we Form 5's are suppose to have lunch but there was so many people and so little food. How I wish our school had farewell party for Form 5 like other schools. NOT during school hours in SCHOOL UNIFORMS~!

Pimples are flooding my face cause ONCE AGAIN, this is the first time I study so much.
Besides that, throughout all my study life in form 4 and 5, I only started to study in middle August. I was lost COMPLETELY in all the science subjects, add maths, history and even moral. I had to start everything from SCRATCH. Not even 20% of knowledge. But Thank God, God gave me the power to push myself for 3 weeks before the SPM trials getting more Bs and better As and now I am not so tensed up. I pushed myself for 3 weeks at that time, during the trials I was on normal mode, after trials I relaxed and now I am back to pushing mode. Haha, switching like a gear box.

From tomorrow until next tuesday I wont be going to school but I will be skipping for tomorrow only because monday and tuesday are holidays. So these 5 daysa re the days I am gonna push an extra mile. Take care everyone =)

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?