Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Exam Results - UPDATED

Got back some papers these two days. Very regret on my mod maths and add maths marks. If it's not for the careless mistakes, I should have gotten what I aim for. But now, I get lower marks. Very big waste. Why didn't I do properly. Aiyo, press wrong numbers in the calculator, putting wrong signs and even writing down wrong numbers. All these silly mistakes ate all my marks up. Physics was another one. few more marks for an A and I lost it in the easiest questions in paper 3. If it were to me me who doesn't know how to answer the questions then it's alright, but now the faults goes to my carelessness that made me lost almost everything. So near yet so far. Why? this might be a lesson from God to tell me not to be so careless in SPM. Haha. Anyhow, I am quite satisfied with all my results as all shown improvements. However, it's still not enough to please my mum and my bro. Aikz. Spm is coming soon and I've gotta push all my marks up. Aim for SPM? Hopefully 8A1s. May God Bless Me In All I Do.


Heheh, I am back again for more results update. Not to show off my results cause they are not good but to just blog it up so that I can read back next time. Haha. My final results are OKEY and not disappointing BUT I am still unsatisfied with the careless mistakes done. Not only one subject with careless mistakes but all the subjects that I got B for. ALL~! If it were not to be those mistakes, I would have gotten much better results. AIKZ. Anyway, these results this time is not bad either. I improved from an average of 50+ to 70 this time. This exam taught me one thing and make me realized another thing. The thing is that, it taught me not go be so careless in SPM, and it made me realized that I am not stupid after all. Haha. I CAN STUDY~!!! WOO~!!! I am not as stupid as patrick. HAHA. Not to say clever, but just an average teen. YEAH~! Quite happy with my improvements but still not up to level yet. Need to push a little more to achieve my aims. TWO subjects I am sure not to get A for is biology and history. Aikz~!

All the best to all PMR candidates, my friends, Do your best and God will do the rest. =)

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