Monday, December 31, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland And Ocean Park

Last post bout hong kong trip. Hehe. Know you guys are getting broed already but the trip is still floating in my mind. Can't forget it so soon yet. Haha.

Ok Disneyland. One of the best place to visit. Many people say HOng Kong disneyland is not nice but for me it's nice. Just got to ride on one ride which was the space shuttle cause not much time actually to ride on many things for one ride takes bout 45 minutes and we wanted to go for 3 shows. Haha. Space shuttle is an indoor roller coaster which travels in the dark at a speed of 120km/h. It is like moving in a train where you can't see directions. It just turns and drop as it likes at a high speed. Wow. Eating in disneyland was crazy. $50 for a plate of chicken rice. Living cost in hong kong is high. Therefore shopping there isn't a good mindset after all. The difference between hong kong and malaysia is that hong kong things are not as cheap as malaysia yet not as expensive as malaysia. Und? Haha. Then we stayed in the evening to watch their christmas parade. First time watching parade live. Haha. Kampung Boy me. Then watch the fireworks show at night. The castle was so beautiful.

The Parade. Not my recording.

Let's go to ocean park the next day. Haha. The second last day of the trip. Sad. But I enjoyed. Food here was more reasonable compared to disneyland. In oceanpark I rid on a rollercoaster with 2 360 loops. you know the loops tat goes 360 degrees. Lolx. Actually I used to have height phobia where I never dare to ride on these rides. But after that experience I had less phobia. Then we went on this ride on this ship that swings you 20m up above land? Haha. This one was scary maybe because of my height I feel like I am gonna fall front therefore I had to hold on tight to the bar. Haha. Then we watch the dolphin show, underwater world, jellyfish aquarium, shark underwater aquarium. It's so fun in hong kong I just don't wanna come back because it's like once in a lifetime travelling with my family to overseas with those tour members and tour guide and tour leader.

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