Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Yea. Another year is going to pass in about 11 hours time. Time passes so fast. I am gonna spend my last year in SCHOOL next year. Every child has to study for 6 years in primary school and 5 years in secondary and now I am gonna go through my 11th year the last year of schooling in 11 hours more. Well of course SPM will also be creeping nearer to me. So, spending 2007 was also a great time I had especially during the end term spending my time in hong kong. Haha.

Holidays 2007 seemed to be very short but 2008 will be long after my spm. Haha. That would be pretty long unless I go for NS.

Many things in 2007 I can't turn back. There are many things in life where after doing it there is no return. The times I spent with my family and friends in hong kong can't be turned back. It's just an experience once in my lifetime. It will be a sweet memory for now and always. Aihz.

Lets look forward to a new year next year.

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