Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To >>>>>>>>>>> Me

My Birthday Present from Tihn Chern. Haha. A photo of a cake for me. Can See Cannot Eat. Yau Tak Tai Mou Tak Sek.

Yea!! It's gonna be my 17th birthday tomorrow. Hehe. This time birthday will be a bit different cause I've got my best buddy Wilson from johor back here in ipoh to celebrate with me. Hehe. Gonna have 1.5kg of Nancy Chong's Butter cake in front of me tomorrow. My all time favorite cake since I was 1 years old. Hehe. Happy Birthday to Joshua too. My best friend who was borned on the same day as me. Thanks to all my friends who wished me. Thank you FRIENDS. ^.^

Gonna go for my undang test this friday which means I ahve to skip induction but nevermind it's all covered. I hope I pass 42 and above then I can proceed for my L license on saturday. Hehe. If I pass I will be listening to 6 hours of khusus this saturday then I can proceed to spend 8 - 10 hours behind the wheel then proceeding to practical exam AND THEN I WILL BE GETTING MY 'P' LICENSE. I hope i can drive by Chinese New Year. Hehe. Then I can drive to school and tuition. Hehe.

Procrastination. A word that used to interfere my life last year. To be direct, in my studies. Haha. I NEVER actually studied last year and my results were like as bad as ART clasees. But starting from this year. I am starting to avoid procrastination and I actually am avoiding it. I actually get to start my studies and not getting influence my the computers outside my room. But somehow they can tempt me. I feel that I am getting influence with hong kong TVB series. Hehe. Nowadays I rather spend my time in front of the TV more than the COMPUTER. It has been a long time since the last time I online that's why this blog was so abandoned. Thanks for checking out my blog and reading news and updates bout myself. Hehe.

TVB Marriage of Inconvenience Themevideo

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