Monday, January 28, 2008

A Trip To Excelsior Hotel For Buffet

Haha. The title said it. Ya went to Excelsior Hotel for buffet today. First we went to parade to jalan-jalan then after that bout 2 we were on the way home when me cousin said let's have buffet later for tea. Then I was like Ok let's do it but my mum did not want to have buffet so ended up she left me and my cousin there like dungu's looking around. Haha. It was fun. So we walked all the way to greentown PATRICK to get our hair a cut cause the buffet starts only at 3pm. So we walked all the way there and all the way back to the Hotel to eat. Then we spent bout one and a half hours there makan-ing and enjoying getting fats into our digestive system. THEN there is when the fun thing starts. I called my mum " Mum, can you fetch us now?" She asked us to take a cab then we said OK. Then Wilson started " Do you wanna take up a challenge? Let's walk home from here." I was like "OK let's do it from Excelsior back to Ipoh Garden" So we walked and sweat all the way home and we did take a video of our "journey" haha. We walked bout an hour. Ok let's stop the story and go to the clip.

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