Friday, January 18, 2008

This Is Life

Things have been very busy around my life these days. What's up with the busyness I am struggling with? Well lets put them into a list of 3 groups. STUDIES , BAND AND MY DRIVING LICENSE.

Lets start of with studies first. I've started my revision and studying since beginning of this year. I have tried and I've did it. I no longer procrastinate as much as I do last time. I force myself to sit on the chair in front of the study table and start doing stuffs. After 5 minutes or so my legs became too lazy to carry me up and my mind went into the books. So that was how I did my studies without procrastinating. Basically I started with my form 4 works as I can say I NEVER did study in form 4. That's how those C and D's got printed on my report card. People might say to me. "Relaks lah, so kan cheong for what" but for me it isn't much time for me cause I am not the other smart people out there. I admit I am a slow absorber. I take a real long time to understand studies. That's why time is really important to me. How I wish I could be just like Jeffery where he has a photographic mind I don't. He can simply beat my studies in a ratio of 3:1 study time.

Moving on to my band life. I haven't been attending practices for 2 weeks for I have to go for my car lessons. Speaking bout car lessons, I am suppose to take my L license this week. I've to delay it for a week because my instrutors car broke down so I can't go for the outdoor car course for 3 hours. Need to do it this week so that I can get my L by next week.

Jealousy is a sin. Why be jealous of others when God made everyone special with their own strength and weaknesses. No one is perfect. Different people have different capabilities. You might feel useless and bad in the eyes of mankind but what's most important is everyone is a great creation in the eyes of the Lord.
Something I learned recently. Keep this in mind and your life would be much easier.

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