Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post no.100 [So Fast]

This is already post number 100. I just noticed that after i logged in my blogger account.

So let me reveal back what I've been doing for the past few days. My few friends and I joined the SMI POPTEEN singing competition. Right so we practices last monday in my house cause I have the drums piano and stuffs all in my house. It is more convenient then to move the whole drumset to others' house. Haha. So we practiced again the next day and what song are we playing? Superman by Five For Fighting. Alex doing the vocals, Nic on the piano, Girish on the guitar and me behind the drums. Went for audition today but it was only dry singing and I wasn't there cause I needed to attend band meeting. So how did Alex do? did he bring us to finals? We shall see on monday ^.^

Last wednesday which was 2 days ago, haha, me and wilson went to pasar malam by legs. IT wasn't tiring indeed it was fun walking there and walking rounds there. Looking at girls, getting food everywhere we go and stuffs. That's what idiots do on the streets in pasar malan. Haha. After tar-pau-ing some food for my mum and sister[did'nt] know what to get] walked back home and we eventually became real idiots singing all the way home disturbing all the neighbors and got the dogs barking along the houses. After reaching home my mum asked why is there so little food? "Only ah pom and soya and why nolaksa?" There and then I remember "Right Laksa" that's why I kept thinking what should I get. Haha. Nevermind next week another week. Haha.

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