Sunday, February 03, 2008

Popteen Finals

So what happened in popteen? Haha. My band succeeded 2nd in the contest. out of 15 participants. Superman is and was a great song to play. Haha. What we got for 2nd place is only one trophy and I got one free coke cause I asked for it. Haha. Was too thirsty at that moment.

Everyone saw that video me and my cousin took down there? The "journey" home from exelsiors. Tomorrow or later in the evening we will be going to MP or Exelsior again for a last buffet before chinese new year and before wilson leaves. Need to enjoy eating again. Haha.

Band competition will be in april/may? OMGness. Okey, nothing to panic actually. Didn't expect it to be so soon and so "surprising" but for me still ok la as in my section percusssion. Members are dedicated at least. That's the best you could get out of your members. Hopefully in MMB the spirit doesn't die off because of the "surprising" date cause no matter what we must uphold the SMI spirit in our hearts. Listen BANDSMEN, it's not the time to give up now but it's the time to fight for what's in front of you and not the time to figure out reasons to give up this year. K people. Don't give up. TIme waits for no one. You can't control time but you can control what time can do for you.

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