Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hows life with L???

L means L license la. Haha. Finally finished my 6 hours today with my pre-test done. Now have to wait for monday to continue another 2 hours and another day another 2 hours then I am good to go for the P test on 5 of march. I hope I pass then I can drive during the holidays. ^.^. Pre-test today is so not fun. The car that I drove is so hard to drive I thought I've done badly but according to my instrutor he say "you are not the only one, many people had complained bout her car. Her car has problems" so glad to hear that at least it wasn't fully my wrong. Haha

Hows life in school? School is normal. Nothing happening except for monthly test next week and waiting for the timetable to change so that I don't have to stay back every wednesday and thursday for extra 2 periods. Great~!!!

won't be having dinner tonight. Why? Simply because my mum is outstation and I will be following my grandfather to somewhere to have buffet dinner. Haha.

Ok, what's up next. Wilson will be going to Poly next month and nothing much we could do after that. Both of us would be busy for the year. One first year at poly one spm year. Ok, let's just get along with what I want to do. Actually I plan to open a blog filled with jokes crapz comedies and someday podcasts with him but since he is gonna be busy then guess we will have to hold it up.

My handphone( N 3250 ) is finally back with me yesterday but won't be using it now cause I wanna get a crystal casing for it first so that I don't scratch it again like last time cause I HAVE NO WARRANTY NOW and I am currently using w710i. So no difference la use or ndon't use first but of course my nokia can keep more things and do more things than this w710i. Great~!!!

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