Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Should or Shouldn't???

I started my undang on the 5 of January and it took me almost 2 months to complete all my course to get my driving license. I will be taking the practical test only on 5th of march. The question that keeps wondering in my mind is that should I be angry at my instructor for causing the delay in my L license or should I accept it as a fate? cause everytime I think back bout this I feel angry as my birthday is so early 10 of Jan and it took me till March to complete my course.

Looking on the bright side, my instructor is a really good instructor and his prices are very reasonable. That was the main reason why he delayed my license because he had too many students under him and his car keeps spoiling. So should I continue blaming him? As for me I accept this as a give and take situation where I have to sacrifice my time for a better and cheaper instructor.

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