Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Over. Back To Square

Why do people like me in life misses things so much? Why do people like me can't let things pass by just like that and wiping all memories off instantly? When things are happening it's so easy to enjoy it and it's so hard to plan how to let it go. Like love, so easy to start so hard to end. But my problem now isn't bout love la =.=

Mine is more of emo reactions. My cousin has been spending a month here with me and now he is gone back to JB. It's all like ok my room suddenly has more space, I feel so less packed with stuffs but that isn't wat I want. I wish I could continue being in a pack room, coming back after school already and there will be someone for me to bully and someone to bully me, walking back from buffet at exelsior, walking to pasar malam every week and singing all the way back from stadium everyweek, walking there and back almost few times a week for tea time(Penang Chao Kuey Teow). The only problem was gaining calories. What's Life? This is life. Spending time doing things you REALLY want to do and not doing things for the sake of completing others' plessure. We two same 90% almost the same thoughts and feelings. It's so hard to find someone so common but yet so far away. So near yet so far. Near in heart far in the eyes. We thought it was hard to plan how to come here for a month but it's even harder to feel how to leave. I hope he too has the same feelings as I am feeling now. I really do enjoy my time when he was here accompanying me but I am not sure and I feel sorry everytime when I go to school and tuitions I need to leave him here alone. Hopefully next year I can do the same but this time I am going down to his place!!!

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