Friday, February 29, 2008

Once A Band Member, Always A Band Member

Being a band member since 2004 is the best thing I did in my life in secondary school. Being a band member is not only about learning and marching under all sorts of weather. It's more of getting more friends and experiencing something money can't buy. If I'm not mistaken spending in the Michaelian Military Band is costly and throat cutting but the experience you can get from the band is priceless. The times and friendship you can get for that 5 years is priceless, it's something money can't buy. I have no regrets paying so much for this 5 years of priceless experience. It's my last 4 months in the band already. Time flies. No matter what I am going on for the last 4 months in the band. Money cannot turn back time. What is missed is gone but what is ahead shall be cherished. My last 5 years since 2004 till now is and will always be the best years of my life. I will never forget this experience. I don't want to grow old and regretting on what I've not done. I will cherish my time ahead.

To all MMB Bandsmen out there who is reading this blog. Do think bout what you've been gaining. All the cries and laughters. It's really something that happens only once in your lifetime. And to think back, friends in the band are the friends you spend most of your time with.

MMB 2004
MMB 2005
MMB 2006
MMB 2007
MMB 2008

~With Pride Shall We March~

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