Friday, February 22, 2008

Chinese New Year Delicacies

So I missed the food during Chinese New Year and today I got the chance to taste back what I've missed. But of course it's not as grand as Chinese New Year cause today is only the last day of Chinese New Year not Chinese New Year. Aikz. So the dishes are not as much but anyhow I enjoyed the food though.

YEAH~!!! Today was the last day for February test. SMI school test and exams are always earlier than other schools in Ipoh or perhaps in other states. LOL. Thought of resuming my car lessons after the test but unfortunately my instrutur's car broke down AGAIN. What to do. To many students to help kill the car for so many times already. Delayed L license also because of this problem. Aikzz. Nevermind. However I will be taking my test on the 5th. According to my friend, he said that before elections very easy to pass the test. Hopefully it's true.

Went out with Chee Ken today together with Shahrin and Navin. Had a half an hour chat in town drinking only and crapping. After that he fetched Naving and Shahrin back to school and I forced him to fetch me home cause if not, by the time my grandfather comes to school and going home from school I would be wasting half an hour.

There's this clip by PETRONAS for this year's Chinese New Year. It's very touching and meaningful. I don't know why people nowadays think that going back for a reunion dinner with the family is a boring and a waste of time and they rather go out with friends more than being with the family. Some people in this world are so desperate for a meal and they are unfortunate enough that they don't get it. I advise those who have the chance to go home for reunion dinners or even family time. Cherish it while some people can't even have the chance to feel it.

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