Thursday, March 06, 2008

~~Happy Day~~

Yea. I passed my driving test. I was nervous before entering the car but when the car starts to move with no jerk my confidence came back. So I drove all the way with no problems and mistakes until I reach the stadium roundabout,2nd roundabout, my engine die off. Not used to new cars' clutch la. My instructor's one was nice. Can feel the jerk. This new cars are so light can't feel the pedal moving also. Everytime in the traffic lights when I change to 1st gear I am always scared that my car will die off and true enough it really died once in the roundabout near the Stadium. Wahahah. But finally I passed. Gonna Collect the license tomorrow.

Another thing that happened today was I went for the test with another girl and 2 guys all under the same instructor. So when we reached there we registered and waited for the JPJ fellas to come. While waiting I was so bored I went to the girl and started talking to her and I got to know that she is actually an ex-amc band member. HOHO. So we continued chatting a little till the fellas come then while waiting for our cars we didn't talk cause I can see her nervousness. Haha. I told her to relax, the more nervous you are the more you forget. Then so she went before me and I went. Came back she told me she failed. I kept comforting her but it doesn't seem to work much. I was sad for her especially on the way back home she cried. I don't know what to do. So that's it la. Pray that she will pass on her retest.

BN (Barang Naik): The Wave Of Price Hike 加价热潮

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